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If after you have booked your holiday, you are unable to travel due to your personal destination, or the destination that you are travelling to, being in lockdown, 7 days prior to your holiday commencing, we will contact you via the lead email address on your booking to discuss the options that you have. We will be able to offer you the opportunity to postpone your booking to the same dates in the same villa for the following year*, we can offer you a voucher to the same value as your booking, to be redeemed against another villa from the supplier that you purchased your original villa with** or we will provide you with a full refund***.

*Availability permitting.
**Availability permitting,if the new villa has a higher cost, then you would have to pay the remaining difference.
*** Refund to be paid within 30 days from cancellation date.

Travel requirements
As of July 2020 you have to register on the Spanish government website ( before your arrival in Spain and also complete the UK Locator form online ( 48 hours before your return to the UK.
Please be aware that these requirements are subject to change at short notice and it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with the local and international regulations prior to your travel.
If you are unable to travel as a result of your documentation not being in order, you will not be entitled to claim any refund and cancellation charges will apply as normal.

Local authorities have imposed new regulations relating to the services provided in tourist accommodation which means we have made changes to comply with the cleaning regulations.
Prior to your arrival, your accommodation will have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
Our cleaners have a check list of everything additionally required for the property, including special cleaning of all surfaces, light switches, door handles, TV and air conditioning controls. They will be using specified disinfectants, throughout the property, to include and not limited to all soft furnishings, curtains, sofas, cushions, bedcovers. Each cleaner will be required to wear a new set of P.P.E. for each property they visit.
To assist, it is important that you dispose of all your rubbish in the large refuse bins that are situated throughout all the resorts. Please do not leave any rubbish at all in the property on your departure.